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Azeroth has faced great upheaval, with what seemed to be the end of the world descending upon it. In these troubled times, with the battles so very close to home, the priorities of many have shifted, and the things we feel are most important to us have been thrown into sharp relief. We all have something we want to protect, something or someone we would give our lives to shield from harm. Whether it be our homes or our families, or even something more material, we each have something that is dear to us, and certainly something that is worth fighting for. 


Audacious is an Alliance-side RP/social guild that has come together to defend their various homelands, and all of Azeroth, against those who would do it harm in this time of drastic change and upheaval. All races, creeds and professions are welcome, so long as they wish to protect what is rightfully theirs. Rather than a mercenary force, the guild is composed of people from all walks of life who communicate over a network of buzzboxes, and come together to fight or come to each other's aid when the need arises. The network is maintained by Lady Rosalynde Koenig, though recently there has been talk of gathering its users to form a more organized and proactive fighting force.

Co-GM: Aralie
Co-GM: Shanazara

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